Welcome to Peaceable Hour

Peaceable Hour consists of an hour of beautiful, gentle, non-denominational music designed to soothe the spirit and restore the heart. Nothing is asked of those who attend, but simply to be encouraged to come, sit in a peaceful, lovely, safe setting – let go of the concerns of the day, the frantic pace of life in the city, the worries about tomorrow; to be able to reflect and relax for a period of time, and to get in touch with one’s spiritual center. One can listen, meditate or just be. All are invited. Peaceable Hour is FREE: a gift from St. Clement’s Episcopal Church to the public, although the hour not a religious service. ALL ARE WELCOME.

For the month of JANUARY
Peaceable Hour will take place on WEDNESDAYS.
There is no PH on Wednesday January 9.

In FEBRUARY we resume our normal TUESDAYS.

Please see the schedule for exact times and locations.